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Unique approach to wooden bowties offering personalised service

One gentleman's Bow tIE

 One gentleman's bow Tie has a unique approach by providing special gifts in the form of wooden bow ties. We would like to raise £3000 in order to establish the business and start trading in the market place. some of the money will go to fulfilling the first foundation stock and some of it for advertising, equipment purposes. When you help One gentleman's bow Tie you help the nation as well as the company is planing to donate 10% of the profit to environment protection organisations and to children in need charities.

Maxim mardari

My name is Maxim Mardari and I am a third year student at Southampton Solent University. I have been always passioned about entrepreneurship and I have started my first business when I was at the age of 10 selling fruits in the local market. 

I  always wanted to come up with something unique and something that people would remember for a long time. This is how One gentleman's Bow Tie was created. We cater for a wide variety of clients and markets as : wedding and events companies, fashion retailers and even for people on a daily basis routine.

I have more than 6 years experience in the customer service industry and even more I am working for a 6 start luxury company in the marketing department. These two factors will reflect my business approach and will help the way we are dealing with all our clients in order to built a successful business.

My story

At One Gentleman's Bow tie we are aiming to provide high quality products and customer service. All our products are hand made with a accurate attention to detail. The wooden bow ties will be a gift that makes you stand out from the crowd on a special event like wedding, anniversary or even at places like your daily job or University. 

I am starting the business because I truly think that I have something unique to provide to the market place and most importantly to make people happy after the purchase. 

It is very important to me to start the business as it is one of my dreams. The business will not only sell products but will contribute ti environmental and children donations, which I think is a step forward in helping the society. Also, once the business is growing we are aiming to provide future jobs for the community, which will be my ultimate goal and a personal fulfillment. 

If you donate to support One Gentleman's bow Tie you will not only support a fantastic gift idea but will support the environment and also the children in need. The company will donate 10% of the profits to organisations as mentioned above and I think that is a noble cause that everyone should get involved in.

What will we use the money for?

* Equipment ( laser engraving machine; sewing machine)

* Launching the web site 

* Marketing and advertising 

* inventory

once we reach the target we will donate some of the funding as our first input to Children in need and environmental protection.


Every time you donate something you will receive some amazing rewards from us.

And do not forget by helping us you are helping other people as we will donate some of our profit to Charity.

our video

Check out our video that will give you a better idea about us and what is our mission!!

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