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We are trying to create a striking and heavily illustrated female fightwear brand


We are trying to raise £5000 to help us create a fightwear/lifestyle brand predominantly aimed towards active women. Through cuts, colours, designs and style we hope to tailor our brand to fit all types and tastes.

Who are WE?

Josie: I am a creative, enthusiastic and driven student and mother! I am a white belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and looking to compete in the very near future.

Jon: A beard cultivating, beef eating, graphic designing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt wearing, combatives enthusiast extraordinaire. 

Marlee : The boss. she loves drawing, puzzles, dinosaurs, ketchup, outer space, skate boarding, dressing as hulk princess, bacon, boxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

our story

More and more women are hitting the gym, and training and competing in martial arts and combat sports like Brazillian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Through the power of social media, a community of female fighters is growing, helping each other and increasing interest, with the number of women competing rapidly increasing nationwide.

This is really important to us due to the effect the BJJ community has had on us personally. For the last 8 years Josie has struggled through a condition called Fibromyalgia, which is basically chronic full body pain and fatigue. Thanks to BJJ, the lovely people she trains with at Phoenix BJJ, social media and some random bearded chap she has been surrounded by nothing but support and positivity! Although she suffers with the pain and can't train as often, or for as long, as she would like, the continuous encouragement and support has not only done wonders for her health but also for her confidence inside and outside of training.

This support and encouragement isn't something we have just witnessed at our gym. More and more people, with a variety of disabilities, are competing around the country. They're not held back, their heart and passion are encouraged and positively embraced. The BJJ community is exactly that, a community, a lifestyle, supporting people no matter what challenges they face and we think this is amazing, breeding positivity, hardwork and dedication.

By donating to help us get our business rolling, you are helping us encourage and support women in martial arts, combat sports, fitness and healthy living . Our aim is to grow a brand that produces good quality, stylish and form fitting products whilst focussing on the aforementioned positivity, creativity, dedication and diversity. 


Where will the money go?

When we hit our target we will be investing in our apparel, getting our bespoke rash guards and spats samples and getting them made, upgrading our design equipment, creating our website, getting banners and other promotional items made and traveling to competitions and conventions around the country to promote and sell our products and brand.

Website cost: £300 a year

Printing apparel : £1100

New design equipment & software : £1400

Travel costs : £500
Banners and promo :  £200
Fightwear Samples : £200
Fightwear : £1300

We will be posting up a minimum of once a week to keep you guys updated with different designs and steps we are taking to develop our brand. We will also posting actively on our Facebook and Instagram page which will update you all with not only our brand but our training.

We have some awesome rewards available for all our lovely sponsors. We have worked hard to get some of our apparel designed and sourced so our sponsors will be the first to receive official Rainha products and offers so please check them out!

This is the first mock up of our Rainha   Imperial rashguard as our first range we wanted to predominantly use our strong contrasting brand colours of black and gold and create a clean, impactful, majestic look. This will give us a good platform to move onto more colourful, detailed and illustrated designs in future lines.

A massive thank you in advance to any one who is able to sponsor us and we hope you like your rewards! 

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Help us succeed!

As amazing as it is to have sponsors, if you are unable to donate there are many different ways you can help us! Please share and spread the word about this page and our social media pages. Any help and support we get is going to be greatly appreciated!