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Help JK Fine Chocolates create their first ever 'bean to bar' chocolate!

Help JK Fine Chocolates create their first 'bean to bar' chocolate and enjoy special edition rewards as a thank you!

'By contributing to this campaign you will help me purchase the much needed equipment to create JK Fine Chocolates first ever bean to bar chocolate crafted from superb origin cocoa beans. This is also a wonderful opportunity for me to give back to those who have supported JK Fine Chocolates over the past 2-3 years by offering a truly special and exclusive range of chocolates as rewards.' - Jamie Kemp 

Welcome to the Cocoa Journey!

From my inspirational trip to a family owned cocoa farm in Costa Rica to hand crafting luxurious chocolates and truffles in Hampshire, it's been one exciting journey!
My passion and life over the past 3 years has been fixated in the world of fine chocolate and single origin cacao (raw cocoa). I like to keep the ingredients fresh and clean in all of my products so that the characteristics of the cacao and chocolate shine through in quality and taste.
Each one of my chocolates and truffles have been hand crafted using no machinery and made in small batches. Like the family from La Iguana Chocolate in Costa Rica I only use traditional methods in my chocolate making including tempering chocolate on marble slabs and hand rolling truffles from start to finish.

The Chocolatier... Jamie

By starting my chocolate career in the mountains of Costa Rica with the La Iguana Chocolate family it enabled me to truly understand where the greatest food in the world begins its journey. Since my trip I have been awarded 2 'Great Taste' awards and an 'Academy of Chocolate' awards for my creations. My truffles have been enjoyed within such places like the 'House of Commons', 'National ERSA London Conference' and 'Hilton Hotel'. My passion for fine origin cacao (raw cocoa) has grown even more over the past 12 months and now with your help I'm looking to create my own 'bean to bar' chocolate from fine cocoa beans.

Where it all began...

The story of JK Fine Chocolates begins in the mountains of Puriscal in Mastatal, Costa Rica where I stayed with Jorge and his family who ran La Iguana Chocolate. This adventure opened my eyes to how truly extradinary choccolate is and the astonishing hard work that farmers put in to produce high quality and flavourful cacao (raw cocoa). I was inspired by the family's passionate hands on approach to fine organic cocoa production using traditional methods when growing, harvesting, fermenting, drying, roasting and finally peeling their cacao.
After my stay with La Iguana Chocolate in 2014 I put everything into JK Fine Chocolates and even to this day still use La Iguana Chocolate's cocoa beans in a selection of my chocolate truffles. This is a rare privilege as very few chocolatiers are currently using the family's cocoa beans.

The Special Edition Rewards...

By contributing to this campaign you are not only helping Jamie create his first 'bean to bar' chocolate, but you will have exclusive access to special edition chocolates that have been especially created for this campaign. All rewards will be delivered in time for Christmas apart from the first bean to bar edition that will be delivered in the new year of 2017.

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Thank you for your support and enjoy the cocoa journey!

Chocolatey Wishes,

Jamie Kemp