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We want to combine two exciting activities to make them even more enjoyable – travel and role-play!

About us

We are a team of three young people, who feel passionate about travel and live action role-play games. Each team member has a special skillset:

  • Vadim has a law degree and he is the wizard of paperwork and numbers. In our team, he is like an engine, pushing everyone forward.
  • David is a classical computer geek. A promising IT specialist who slaves over this exciting project day and night, making our future website pretty.
  • Jana is an international tourism and marketing specialist. She is responsible for operations, customer relation, marketing and communication.

Combining our skills, we cover all aspects of the business to ensure its smooth running.

About our idea

Modern transport networks and open borders enabled us to travel quite frequently. However, trips often turn out to be remarkably similar to each other: wondering around the city, eating in restaurants and joining an excursion to visit a few landmarks. After having done a few trips like this, many people don’t remember much about each place they visited.

We decided to ‘add some spice’ to usual holiday package, making your experience unforgettable. Our idea is to provide role-playing adventure trips. You will see new places in different light, while completing quests, solving riddles and looking for artefacts in various locations throughout the duration of the whole trip. All these activities will be the part of the same storyline, immersing you into a real adventure, just like in a book or a movie. Of course, you will still see all of the iconic tourist sights, because your path will pass through them and some of those sights may be the key to solve the riddle.

How will it work?

1.      Before the trip

You chose the storyline that interests you, for instance, vampire hunting, spy story or detective. Then you complete a form to let us know about your other preferences, such as the city of departure, preferred transport mode, preferred accommodation type, etc. The rest we organise for you:

  • accommodation and transport
  • insurance
  • plot and scenario of the game
  • local actors and places for your encounters and adventures
  • game requisites (such as letters, treasures and other artefacts)

2.      During the trip

Before you start your journey, you will receive the first letter (or will be contacted in another way) with the introduction into the story. This introduction will explain your mission in the upcoming adventure and provide you with the further action instructions. From that point onwards, you will be solving riddles and encountering our ‘agents’, who will play their roles to create the atmosphere and direct you to the next steps. Solved riddles will lead you to various locations in different cities and countries.

3.      We will support you

We will organise the role-playing adventure trips so that you will have enough time to solve all riddles and visit interesting sights. However, you will have a time limit to get to the next point, because we will have pre-booked rooms and activities for you. If you struggle or lose a clue, you always will be able to contact us and we will help you find your way back to your adventurous path.

Our partners

We will work with different accommodation providers as well as freelancers around Europe to organise the role-playing adventure trips for our customers.

Our entity will offer local students the opportunity to become our ‘agents’. We believe it can be a good chance for them to develop their skills as well as get extra income whilst having a very flexible working schedule.

What will we use the funding for?

To establish the company and make the role-playing adventure trips possible, we need £5000, which will include:

  • Designing the website (including hosting and software) – £500
  • Company and trademark registration – £1000
  • Insurances – £1500
  • Advertising and promotion – £2000


We will be very grateful for any donations, because every pound will bring our idea closer to its realisation. To express our gratitude for your support, we would like to offer some rewards. Please see the full list of rewards on the right hand side. Also you can find the list below.

  • Pledge £1 or more - Select this reward if you just want to donate to the project without receiving a reward
  • Pledge £5 or more - We will be very grateful and will say about this on social network (unless you want to remain anonymous), as well as send you a personalised acknowledgement
  • Pledge £10 or more - Same rewards as for £5 + You will be put onto our personal list of those who helped us to establish the company (unless you want to remain anonymous) and you will also receive the V.I.P. badge which will inform everyone, including our partners, how important you are to us
  • Pledge £25 or more – Same rewards as for £10 + You will have an opportunity to use your name for one of our role-playing adventure story character (or other reasonable name). Anyone who will have a trip with us will have a chance to interact with character named by you.
  • Pledge £50 or more – Same rewards as for £25 + You will be invited to celebrate with us the establishment of the company (we will organise a party somewhere in England).
  • Pledge £100 or more – Same rewards as for £50 + Voucher for 5% discount on the role-playing adventure trip for two persons.
  • Pledge £500 or more – Same rewards as for £50 + Voucher for 30% discount on the role-playing adventure trip for two persons

Other ways to help

If you like our idea, and would like to support us, but cannot help us financially, there are other ways to help us:

Tell about us to your friends and relatives
Share our video and/or social networks links
Become our partner or freelancer (please contact us to discuss)

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