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Professional Recording and Rehearsal Studio

A short summary of our project

 We are trying to raise £3500 to go towards the start up costs of a purpose built recording studio, aiming to provide professional but friendly recording services and a place for artists to rehearse. 

Who are we?

The studio will be run by Dean and Geoff Nelson, family members, but different Generations. Both musicians, with a wide range of knowledge covering many genres of music, they are capable of recording great sounding music. 

our story 

Dean graduated with a degree in music production and has spent the last 18 months within a recording studio and on the road with various artists. During this time Dean and Geoff have been planning a business enterprise to set up of their own, and have finally found a suitable location on the Drift Road, Maidenhead. Having a purpose built studio will allow us to record in a professional environment specifically suited to everyones needs with some of the best analogue and digital technology. Having spent a while searching for the perfect location to start our business, we have finally found a suitable location where the studio can be built to our specifications, but to complete this, it requires additional funding to go towards soundproofing the building and to treat the internal walls with acoustic paneling. 

When not in the studio, Dean spends a lot of time setting up for various artists all over the UK, Europe and America. Being involved in theses live shows is a great way to meet musicians and network with potential clients for the studio. 

Where will the money go? 

When we hit our target we will be investing the money straight into the studio build. It will be going towards to build costs to soundproof the studio and acoustically treat the internal walls. Doing this will turn the studio into a great recording environment and allow us to work with all kinds of artists.

Acoustic plasterboard £260

Rockwell insulation £1000

Acoustic panels £800

Additional building costs - Labour and installation - £1500

Thanks to anyone that is able to support and sponsor us in our new exciting venture. 

Stay connected on the Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date with the build progress and installation of the studio equipment. 

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Help us succeed! 

There are many different ways you can help us succeed, not just by sponsoring the project! Please share and spread the word about Generation Studio and our social media pages. Any help and support will go a long way and be much appreciated!