Create Printmaking Studio

A project by: Sara Truckel


WE RAISED £1,510

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This project received pledges on Sat 30 Apr 2016

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So pleased this has been successful. Looking forward to it all coming to fruition. I'll be happy to help any way I can. Best of luck Sara.

Sara, we have made a donation on behalf of your birthday! We wish you every success, and as people who have set up a business ourselves we know how challenging and frightening it can be, so GOOD LUCK and I do hope you raise all the sponsorship you need (oh - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!!!). Jo & Simon xxx

This is a fantastic project that I hope gets the funding it deserves. We really need this facility on the Island so a big thank you Sara for coming up with this idea.

As a printer (letterpress) myself I'm delighted with this community initiative

Good Luck with the project.

Good luck Sara! 😄

Brilliant idea... Good luck!

Good luck with this fantastic initiative. I would love to do print making.