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We are two students from Southampton Solent University who want to transform their passion for sport development into a social enterprise.

We're raising £300 to start a social enterprise called ABC Development. ABC Development is built on the back of a recent Coaching Innovation Programme (CIP) called Eagle Sports Academy. The aim of this social enterprise is to run sports sessions and variety of workshops for local communities in Southampton. 

We have delivered a similar project for over a year now and it is about the time to change it into a social enterprise. We're also looking forward to put what we have learnt over the past three years at Southampton Solent University into practice. 

The money will be spent on:

·                     equipment

·                     insurance

·                     kit

·                     marketing 

If you decide to donate, in return we can offer you:

·                     free sessions for your child, a group of children or a local community

·                     t-shirt with our logo

·                     your logo on our social media

·                     professional photography shoot with Maximum Photography (one of our partners)

Additionally, we will ask you to send us a photo of you so we can create a photo collage with our contributors and then upload it to our social media unless you would like to stay anonymous. 

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We appreciate all support, share this video to help us launch our social enterprise and make our dream come true! 

Matt and Jed 


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